class MetalArchives::Parsers::Parser

Parser base class

Public Class Methods

parse_country(input) click to toggle source

Parse a country

Returns ISO3166::Country

# File lib/metal_archives/parsers/parser.rb, line 20
def parse_country(input)
  ISO3166::Country.find_country_by_name input
parse_genre(input) click to toggle source

Opinionated parsing of genres

Returns an Array of String

The following components are omitted:

  • Metal

  • (early)

  • (later)

All genres are capitalized.

For examples on how genres are parsed, refer to +ParserTest#test_parse_genre+

# File lib/metal_archives/parsers/parser.rb, line 47
def parse_genre(input)
  genres = []
  # Split fields
  input.split(',').each do |genre|
    # Start with a single empty genre string. Split the genre by spaces
    # and process each component. If a component does not have a slash,
    # concatenate it to all genre strings present in +temp+. If it does
    # have a slash present, duplicate all genre strings, and concatenate
    # the first component (before the slash) to the first half, and the
    # last component to the last half. +temp+ now has an array of genre
    # combinations.
    # 'Traditional Heavy/Power Metal' => ['Traditional Heavy', 'Traditional Power']
    # 'Traditional/Classical Heavy/Power Metal' => [
    #                                       'Traditional Heavy', 'Traditional Power',
    #                                       'Classical Heavy', 'Classical Power']
    temp = ['']
    genre.downcase.split.reject { |g| ['(early)', '(later)', 'metal'].include? g }.each do |g|
      if g.include? '/'
        # Duplicate all WIP genres
        temp2 = temp.dup

        # Assign first and last components to temp and temp2 respectively
        split = g.split '/'! { |t| t.empty? ? split.first.capitalize : "#{t.capitalize} #{split.first.capitalize}" }! { |t| t.empty? ? split.last.capitalize : "#{t.capitalize} #{split.last.capitalize}" }

        # Add both genre trees
        temp += temp2
      else! { |t| t.empty? ? g.capitalize : "#{t.capitalize} #{g.capitalize}" }
    genres += temp
sanitize(input) click to toggle source

Sanitize a string

Return String

# File lib/metal_archives/parsers/parser.rb, line 29
def sanitize(input)
  input.gsub(/^"/, '').gsub(/"$/, '').strip